Our Mission

Medicare was founded in 1965 to serve as a safety net to help cover some of the costs associated with health care for older Americans and those with certain disabilities. This is a critical government service that is necessary to give our senior citizens access to the quality care they need. With the recent deficit debates several budget proposals have included laws that threaten the entire Medicare program.

At NotMyMedicare.org our mission is simple. We will protect the Medicare program from cuts and legislation that threaten the supply of quality medical care and prescriptions for our senior citizens. We stand firm in our belief that Medicare is a necessary component for the elderly citizens of our nation and should not be taken advantage of in the name of politics.

Stand With Us

If you believe in our cause, please click the "Become a Member" button at the top right of our website. Membership is completely free and there is no obligation to donate. Simply filling out the online form to say you support our cause is a tremendous help as we build the case that Americans do not want politicians taking away their Medicare.